Henry Simmons

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Henry Simmons, male eye candy, Man Candy, men


Henry Simmons is rumored to be Michelle from Destiny’s Child’s new arm candy, if so then she’s definitely a lucky girl.

  1. Tendi says:

    Yes please! He is sooooo good lookin’

  2. krystald says:

    he is good looking but he aint got that much of a body i just like his face

  3. Erin says:

    Henry never dated Michelle from Destiny’s Child….NEVER!!! They met once and that is it…..I know this for a fact and have now learned from knowing someone in the “the business” to believe NOTHING that is reported…..apparently Michelle’s “camp” stirred up this little nugget! NOT TRUE AT ALL.

  4. msmills says:

    Erin…who gives really gives a shit. This blog is about the appreciation of the male form not whether rumors about who each guy is dating is true or not. Take that shit over to Mediatakeout.com. Besides that RUMOR, as it is stated as such, is more than a year old so let’s just leave the drama off this page.

  5. Erin says:

    MSMILLS –Leave the drama off the page!?! If my statement is drama then you lead a dull life dollface….but your comment was adorable….You are an unhappy person and you made me laugh….LOL!!!

  6. msmills says:

    Erin, girl get a life.

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