WE NEED YOUR HELP AT THE CANDY SHOP. We want to know who YOU want to see here at MISTER LOTTA BODY. Leave us a comment and let us know who you want to see on our page. Hurry before the store is completely empty.

  1. Doris Hardy says:

    Love the Jason Momoa pic and the T.I. is hot. How about something with Christian Keyes, Jensen Ackles or the tasty Jimmy Jean-Louis

  2. Doris Hardy says:

    Your decision to post the Jason Momoa progression from sexy boy to Sizzling Hot Man, gave me an idea. Here are some suggestions for the same type of contrast. Patrick Dempsey circa “Woo-Woo Kid”/now, Taimak circa “The Last Dragon”/now

  3. Doris Hardy says:

    Two words, Oded Fehr.

  4. Doris Hardy says:


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