About Mister Lotta Body

I began combing through the blogs and found that there are countless blogs dedicated to appreciating or depending how you look at it exploiting the female form but I couldn’t find any that did the same for men. It’s almost like women don’t appreciate a nice body….well we do….at least I do. So from now on I’ll be posting new hottie with a sexy body everyday and while my taste in what a sexy man’s body should be differs greatly from everyone else I’ll be sure to post as many different kinds of sexy as possible. I am fully open to suggestions on this one, so please don’t hesitate to give them to me. Oh and for the legal eagles, none of the pictures found on or in this blog belong to me.

  1. Juleznice says:

    Hi, i enjoyed looking at your page very much!!!Very Nice!

  2. Doris Hardy says:

    I love your site. I used to search the net everyday at work to find the picture for our “Daily Eye Candy” for myself and the other ladies at my job. So having so many hotties at one site was just fabulous keep up the good work there are a lot of us out here who do appreciate the exquisite beauty of the well toned male form. Some suggestions from my candybox are Jason Momoa, Oded Fehr, T.I. and Jensen Ackles.

  3. msmills says:

    Thanks Doris! I’ll get those hotties up as soon as possible. Thanks for the suggestions!

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