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I swear Doris has the best candy! We are going to have to start a new page dedicated just to Doris’s eye candy. Not only is she the only one leaving us request, but she also is sending us the hottest candy! This week’s candy is none other than Christian Keyes and he is tooth ache causing eye candy.

Chritstian Keyes

Chritstian Keyes

Candy so nice we showed it twice!

Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes


WE NEED YOUR HELP AT THE CANDY SHOP. We want to know who YOU want to see here at MISTER LOTTA BODY. Leave us a comment and let us know who you want to see on our page. Hurry before the store is completely empty.


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Is Omarion old enough to ogle? Goodness he’s grown into quite a piece of man candy.


I had to do some digging for this piece of candy but it was well worth it. This is my favorite Tyson Beckford photo.